Eureka Products specialises in business development, mainly for technology companies.

We undertake corporate planning, commercial strategy, sales, marketing, and market research activities for clients.

Taking a hands-on approach, we work directly on sales negotiations and manage sales teams to achieve targets within agreed time scales, adding value to our clients’ businesses.

We also work with clients to generate market awareness for their products and services and to build brands through clear messages and commercially focused marketing activities, resulting in increased sales revenues.

Trust Model
Business success requires the right ingredients and for most businesses the most important is the people. Human relationships with suppliers, customers and internally are what make things happen, and at the heart of genuine relationships is trust. Over time, relationships lead to stronger understanding of each other's needs and wants and solutions can be found, ultimately leading to business transactions. Easy to write, but sometimes hard to achieve, establishing this business culture in an organisation is one way Eureka can help.
Contact: Chris Dawes

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